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iPhone Activation Lock

iPhone Activation Lock? The Basic Introduction

iPhone activation lock is a security feature of Apple iDevices for protecting the iDevices from unusual activities of peoples and programs. The main purpose of the activation lock is to give the maximum security for the Apple iDevices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac. But some situations may not be reasonable with this security feature because some good people had to face to this security feature badly even they are doing correct activities. Even they had to throw away their locked iDevices as bricks without any solution. So, people need some proper way to handle that kind of unexpected situations without any restrictions and use their own iDevices themselves.

iPhone Activation Lock With Example

As I mentioned above, the iPhone activation lock is a security feature which is come with all iDevices. Imagine a situation that you had lost your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. If yours lost iDevice with another hand, your personal data may not be safe. So, the Apple gives a solution for that kind of situations. What Apple allows to do is, the user can lock the iDevice through the iCloud and erase the iDevice without giving the permission to access to the iDevice. This is the locking system called the iPhone Activation Lock.

The iPhone activation lock is very useful when you lose or stolen your iDevice, you can directly take an action to protect your device. All you need to have an iCloud account that integrated to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

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What is Find my iPhone

The Find My iPhone is the application provided by the Apple which is used for locking the iDevices. The Find My iPhone is default feature for the Apple devices and it integrated with the iCloud official server. You can enable or disable the feature as you decide. But if you enable the Find My iPhone feature on your iDevice it will be very effective when you face a situation that I mentioned above before.

How do you use the Find My iPhone feature?

There are three types of methods for use the Find My iPhone feature.

Play sound : - you can play the sound of the iDevice in maximum volume and also you can blink and enable flashing on the screen to confuse the iDevice user.

Lost mode : - this shows a passcode on the screen to the users when turns on the Find My iPhone lost mode feature. Also when someone finds the lost iPhone, he or she can directly call to the owner when enabling this lost mode feature.

Erase iPhone : - this feature erases the entire iPhone data and applications. This feature is very useful when you have most important data on your lost iDevice. After erasing the iPhone, the screen still showing the message that the device is under the Activation lock. So, selling the device is not possible with this feature.

How does iPhone activation lock works

First, you need to do is enable the Find My iPhone from your iDevice to use the feature using the iCloud. After activating the feature the activation lock available for switching on anytime through the iCloud. What you need to do is to activate the iPhone Activation Lock, log in to the iCloud account and choose the icon Find My iPhone and click. There will be three options to select, Play Sound, Lost Mode and Erase iPhone. Select the appropriate option for you and click the feature. It will automatically turn on the feature.

How to bypass iPhone activation lock

iPhone activation lock bypassing is the way to unlock an iDevice which was locked by the iCloud lock when the user does not know the password to unlock. This may happen when you are buying second-hand iDevice. Sometimes the previous owners of iDevices erase the entire the device and hand over to the new user. If the new user has not any idea about the iDevices’ password, he or she may not be able to unlock the iCloud activation lock.

So, that kind of situations we can’t go through the normal process for unlocking the iDevice. There was not the proper way to unlock the activation lock before, but recently some found a way to bypass the iPhone activation lock. What happened in this method is, when we connected the locked iDevice to the bypassing application or tool, it will recognize the device and directly connected to the duplicate server. The duplicate iCloud server has the same functionalities for activation lock like the official iCloud server.

After connecting the iDevice to the duplicate server it sends unlocking data to the connected iDevice. Then the iDevice receive the sent data from the Duplicate server and process those data. When processing data, the iDevice identify the received data as those data send by the official iCloud server. After this verification through the network, the iDevice will be automatically unlocked by the iCloud activation lock duplicate server. You can use the unlocked iDevice with new Apple username and password as a new one.


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Do you need to consider the iDevices’ jailbreak or non-jailbreak situations?

It doesn’t matter whether your iDevice jailbroken or non-jailbroken. The iCloud bypassing is alright with those conditions. But after the bypassing it may effect to the jailbroke apps and tool. But it is not affected by the iCloud bypassing process.

How do you choose a good iPhone activation lock

There is a number of iCloud bypass download software available online. Some tools are free and you have to pay for some tools. It doesn’t matter whether the tool free or paid, you need to choose a secure tool for bypassing the activation lock. Because iCloud bypassing is not a normal process of the application running. So, please guide the instructions mentioned below and choose a good iCloud bypass download tool.

Time : - iCloud bypassing takes some time to unlock an iDevice which is locked by the iPhone activation lock. But it should not be taken too much of days or weeks to complete the process. So when you are going to choose a good service, please ask about the time to get to be done the process.

Price : - As I mentioned above there are paid services available online for iCloud The prices for bypassing the iCloud may different from service to service. But it doesn’t take over 100$(maximum value). Usually, it will take around 50$. So, consider the details about those details when you are going to choose a paid service.

Customer reviews : - this is the main fact that you need to consider about. Most of the good services show their customer experiences on their official websites. So, read them and get a clear idea about the service that they are providing to unlock the iPhone Activation lock.