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What is iCloud

iCloud remover is a method of bypassing the iCloud activation lock. You should learn about the iCloud before you are going to use the iCloud remover. iCloud is a cloud service which is provided by the Apple Inc. for the Apple iDevices users to store their files such as images, videos, audios, text documents, podcasts, PDF and etc. the iCloud launched in 2011 for public use and it is already connected with iDevices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro and etc. You can use the iCloud service with default storage offering for every iDevices with the Apple ID.

The iCloud is a high secured cloud service among other cloud services available online. Most of the Apple users store their important data on the iCloud service because of the high security. The iCloud provides a number of features for the users as listed below.

icloud bypass

Back to my Mac

The back to my Mac feature allows access to the iDevices remotely which are connected with the same Apple ID. The user can lock the iDevice with a passcode when it lost or stolen. Also, the person who finds the iDevice, he or she can directly cl for the owner of the iDevice.

Find my iPhone

The find my iPhone is a security feature which is used for tracking iDevices when the devices are stolen or lose. You need to enable the feature on the iDevice before you are going to track or disable the iDevice remotely. This feature is very useful when you have important data on your iDevice. When you enable the

There are three main feature or Find My iPhone feature.

Lost mode : - the lost mode shows a message on the screen when the user switches on the feature through the iCloud.

Play sound : - you can play sound on your lost or stolen iDevice remotely through the iCloud.

Erase iDevice : - you can erase all data stored on your iDevice with this feature. If you have very important data on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, this is the most suitable feature for users.

Email service

The iCloud provides email service for the users. You can create a new iCloud email from the iCloud settings using iOS or Mac OS device.

iCloud photo library

The iCloud photo library allows users to store their photos with the original quality. So, users can save their local storages without wasting it.

Find my friends

This is also a location base feature like the Find my iPhone. This added on 2015 to the iCloud. Using this feature, you can find friends and family members based on the location of this feature.

Why you need an iCloud remover

This is the main point that we need to discuss about. The iCloud making thousands of advantages and also makes a few of disadvantages. Imagine that you have enable the Find my iPhone feature when after your iPhone lost. After you find it you do not remember the Apple ID username and password. If you do not have an idea about the Apple ID you never be able to unlock your iPhone. That kind of situation you have to say bye to your own iPhone because without the Apple ID you never be able to unlock the activation lock.

So, some companies and individual programmers were trying to find a solution for the problem and some organizations were able to create iCloud remover tools. You can find those kind of tools available online for free and also for a fee.

Why we need an iCloud remover, if we do not know the Apple ID username and password of a locked iDevice by the iCloud Find my iPhone feature, the activation lock doesn’t allow to unlock the iDevice which was locked. So, we need another way to unlock the activation lock. That’s why we need an iCloud bypass tool.

How the iCloud remover works

iCloud remover is a hard coded application and it may run on offline and some tools may run online. And also some applications run both two sides, online and offline. I’m also explaining the process of a tool that works on both offline and online.

First of all you need to plug in the locked Device to your PC that installed the iCloud remover application. After you plug in the iDevice, the tool identify the iDevice and begins to communicate with the iDevice. After few minutes the applications sends data to the iCloud remover server that identify from the iDevice. The server that I mentioned above is a server that works as the iCloud official server. Basically this server is a duplicate server for the iCloud server. After receiving the data from the application the iCloud unlock server process the unlocking and send the processed data to the iDevice through the iCloud remover tool desktop application.

Then the iDevice unlocked and you can create new Apple ID and connect it in to the iDevice as a new one


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How do you choose a good iCloud remover?

01. Time

You need to consider about the time that takes to unlock an iDevice. It may not be take too much time to do the task. Probably it may take 2 days but if your service provider takes too much time more than 2 days, please contact the company and request for the information about the unlocking process.

02. Price

There are free and paid service for unlock the activation lock. Both methods are alright but you need to have proper knowledge about the service providers before you are going to use the applications. It doesn’t matter whether free or paid, even most of the free services are remove the lock correctly as paid services. But all the paid services may not be safe, so please be careful when you are going to use an iCloud removal service.

03. Customer reviews

You can check previous customers experience from official websites. Good services maintaining a customer feedback page on their website. Remember to check those things when you are going to select a good iCloud remover service.


What is the best tool for iCloud unlocking?

It depends on the iDevice model, iOS version, country and etc.

Is it secure removing iCloud activation lock?

If you are using proper tool as iCloud remover, it will be safe. So, please select a good service.

Free or paid?

You can use bot of services. All you need to do is select a secure service.

What is the average cost of iCloud removing?

It may take 50$ to 100$ to bypass the iCloud lock. It also depends on iDevice model, iOS version, country and etc.

Can we use new Apple ID after bypassing process?


What happened when the activating go wrong?

Sometime you can try again with another tool, sometimes devices may crash.